Tin mint off season event???

Team 4575, the tin mints, are considering having an off season event in August . Seeing as this would be in the summer we are trying to gauge interest and availability of teams to participate. The event would be held in Delaware County within ten minutes of the Philadelphia Airport. Please take a moment to fill out the survey of whether you would be interested in attending. The event would have the option of Friday night set up or Saturday morning.


For any questions please email gseproboticspatrol@yahoo.com

Man, MAR is going to have so many off-season events. Are we sure we’re not going to run people dry soon?

We already have:

  1. Monty Madness (May)
  2. H.E.R.E. (new) (June)
  3. MidKnight Mayhem (June)
  4. girlPOWER (October)
  5. Duel on the Delaware (October)
  6. Ramp Riot (November)
  7. Brunswick Eruption (November)

and Team 41’s Week 0 scrimmage, on top of all of the official districts and district championships.

Other than the 2 events in June though, MAR does seem pretty free in the summer.

Yep, nothing to do in July, August and September! A robot can rust into dust in that time frame! ! !

I don’t get the impression that they are limited to MAR teams, maybe some of the roboteers from Canada or Michigan want to come down and escape the oppressive July snows!

I haven’t heard about this one yet–any details?


I believe that’s it.

Afraid I have to agree with the sentiment of Hallry’s post - I think the MAR region is pretty saturated when it comes to off-seasons. Instead of the typical events in gyms I think it would be really fun to do something unique. I know one of our coaches has been waiting for someone to do an off-season over the summer at an amusement park. …or maybe even just in connection with another fun event? I miss the days of the Maryland State Fair. Some good times were had there.

Actually, Mike Rizzo, a mentor on 1640, just posted this in the Mid-Atlantic Robotics sub-forum today: A MAR Team Day at Dorney Park this July 12th!

If you want to venture over the Mason Dixon line for another event - the 8th annual Battle O’ Baltimore will be held on Sept. 20. Beautiful new venue. There have historically always been a few PA teams attending.

I don’t think girlPOWER is happening this year. The firebirds haven’t said anything at the events we were at with them