Tipped Recycle Containers

I was just wondering what teams are thinking of related to manipulation of the Recycle Containers this year.

Don’t knock them over!! AND if you see them on one of the scored stacks of totes, DON’T get near that stack!!

I forsee a lot of teams with long crazy arm things, new drive systems, that are going to cause a lot of headaches for the teams that can build some impressive stacks.

Be prepared to pick up containers that are on their side.

'Snow Problem ran into this issue, the Recycle Containers are extremely tippy. You must be careful when trying to grab them, one wrong move and it will be sideways on the ground. I would suggest designing with that in mind. 'Snow Problem was still able to pick up tipped Recycle Containers but it was far from ideal.

There should be an option “we plan to allocate some weight specifically to deal with that functionality, but how great it works depends on whether our prototypes work and are light enough”.

We are thinking that the chances of a bin being found tipped over are greater than finding them standing, and we also notices that they are more stable when lying on the top of the totes

I think we can plan on at least the middle 4 bins not being upright. It sounds like a good number of teams see them as a big goal and want them right away. (enough so that some will sacrifice auto points to get them sooner)

In the rush to get them to your side, people are likely not as worried about a clean grab.