Tips and good practices for an FRC workshop

Our school just approved a revamp of our workshop, we will be upgrading almost everything from work tables, tool and COTs shelves and organizers etc. We are right now brainstorming ideas for the new layout. If you have any pictures of features of your workshop you like please share!

One system our team has used is taping in areas for each subteam, eg an electrical wall, manufacture corner, tools/parts area. then you can set someone responsible for each section and its cleanup, helping organize the types of chaos.

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Large steel cabinets with removable hanging bins inside the doors and shelves or bins inside are -really- nice for concealing mess and copious storage from the administration… And may help reduce the “walk off” issue.

Perf board with long pins is a great trick for wheels.

Powder coat your wrenches in your color so they don’t walk off as fast.

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