Tips and tricks with the new control system for a rookie inspector

So this year will be my first time inspecting. I’ve gone through probably half a dozen inspections as a student by now, but this will be my first time giving them. I feel fairly confident in my knowledge of FRC robots, but the one thing I’m a bit nervous about is the new control system. My team hasn’t made the switch yet, and I’ve only briefly seen the new system on other teams robots. Are there any specific tips or tricks people who are using it would be willing to share? Any major differences to be aware of? The LAST thing I would want is to give a team the wrong advice, and while I’ll obviously go to an LRI if I have any questions whatsoever, I still want to ensure I have an idea of what I’m getting myself into. Pictures along with explanations are welcome and appreciated.

The good news is that the Rev control system new for everyone, not just you. I’d expect the LRI to give it some extra attention during the meeting on the first day.

I’d read up in the rules on where everything is required to be connected on the Power Distribution Hub.

This thread has some nice diagrams on how to wire the radio with either control system. Legal Options for Wiring your Robot Radio in 2022

I’d expect it to be relatively rare, but it is legal for a team to use an analog pressure sensor as the only pressure sensor, and that requires a specific firmware version in the rules and a special way to test the compressor pressure relief.


Interesting. I’ll definitely look at that. I appreciate the thread with pictures as well!

Your going to want to bring a paperclip or similar for the new pnuematic control module to put it in test mode for the safety release valve

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