Tips for championships?

It’s been a while since my team has gone to champs, last time we went was 2013 when there were still four divisions.
I’m assuming that since 2013 numerous things have changed, so does anyone have tips on how to have champs run smoothly for us? Is there something we might not expect? Thanks!

Congrats on making it to Worlds! My team is in the same boat as you guys, we haven’t been to worlds since 2013. I was able to go to Worlds last year in 2015 for Deans List, a lot has changed. The pits are packed with teams and are divided based on field, two fields per section. There is only one entrance to the fields, and giant walkway in the center of the pit area for teams to get their robots to the field entrance. Also, FTC and FLL are not in the main stadium, FLL is in the pit area on the opposite side of FRC and FTC is in a different building.

I hope this helps!

Buy a good pair of shoes.

Probably the best suggestion I have ever heard for championship. But seriously, organize your first day of the competition, for example- organizing the pit, calibrarion at the practice field. After the qualifacation matches will start you won’t have much time so try to be as much efficient as you can at the first day.

Congratulations on making it to the Championship! I am one of the Lead Queuers at this years event. As you correctly guessed each “division” or field works like a regional with Qualifications, Quarter Final’s, Semi-Finals’s and Finals. Then each division’s winner moves to the Einstein fields (energy and mass) where the 8 divisions are split into the 2 fields. Those fields narrow down to 1 and eventually we have a season champion.

Things to know about the Championship event and Venue.

There are lots of options for food inside the Convention Center and Edward Jones Dome (collectively called America’s Center).

-There will merchandise available for purchase with 2 satellite stores and one main store.

There are many additional options for food within walking distance.

Busch Stadium is not in walking distance of the convention center for most people, however our Light Rail System picks up from America’s Center and drops off across the street from the stadium. Noted for the Cardinals Game.

Public Transit is readily accessible in Downtown St. Louis. Fares are $2.00 for Adults and $3.00 with a 2 hour transfer.

There is a good chance that the St. Louis Blues (NHL) will be in playoff contention. If hockey is your thing, there is a light rail stop at the Scottrade Center where they play.

The event will be very busy and crowded. The pits can be very loud. At championship you will never hear a team # called for whatever field if they are missing. If you miss your match it is on your team.

While some fields allow for repair work to occur on the robot in queuing, some, do not. Most fields follow a rule of no work to be completed beyond the center curtain where they field is. This is in an effort to keep matches flowing and fields on time. Many events have been getting behind for numerous reasons this season and it is being stressed to stay on schedule as much as possible.

The pits are in the exhibit halls of the convention center. And as such there will be a dedicated robot path for teams to enter and exit the competition floor in the Dome. IF, a celebrity is in the pits (on the field, etc.), either as a mentor to a team (Grant Imahara,, etc.) or to see the event in action, please do not block the path by queuing up to meet them. This causes backups for teams trying to enter and exit the fields.

***Please note, the celebrities are there to support what FIRST is about and to see you do well. Remember you are there because of the hard work and dedication you put in to the season. Please remember to use gracious professionalism when you meet these folks. They want to see you at work, not fan girl-ing over them. Focus on your task, if you have free time and want to meet them. Try not to interrupt the celebrity when they are with other teams interacting with them in their pit or on the field.

You will have lots of opportunities to network with many many people from the biggest corporations of the STEM fields. Be sure to be the best you can be hygienically. Freshly showered each day, wear deodorant, and clean clothes. Guys - remember AXE Body Spray is not the same as deodorant and can trigger asthmatic attacks for folks.

If you have time between now and the championship, put together an academic resume. You will have an opportunity to speak with colleges in Scholarship Row and having a resume on you will allow you an opportunity to see what else you might need to do to qualify for admittance and scholarships when you are ready to apply. It also helps the recruiters identify which scholarships you may already qualify for.

REMEMBER to have fun. This is a competition and we want you to focus, but do not become over stressed about the outcome of the event. We are all there to celebrate our accomplishments and it is a big deal to just make it to the Championship. Remember that. I can not stress this more. HAVE FUN…

Whew… I wrote a lot and I could write more. I live in St. Louis, so if you PM with any additional questions, I will be happy to answer as best I can.

EDIT: Added after initial post on Reddit.

Metro will have all buses that run downtown stop at the Union Station Metrolink stop. Construction at the Civic Center stop (Scottrade Center) will be occurring.

As someone mentioned; Team check in may take a while. Only one representative will be needed for this process. There will be many people doing their best to make this process as smooth as possible. Please be patient with the folks helping as many of them may be volunteers assisting at the last minute.

Came to the thread to comment, you should go shopping for shoes.

Best tip ever!

The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone going to champs, is take advantage of having the best teams in the world all under one roof. When you have free time, go around the pits and talk to teams. If you want to learn more about design/programming/scouting/strategy/whatever there are teams there that you can learn things from. And the truly amazing thing about FIRST is that those teams are happy to share their knowledge with you! So figure out a couple of things that you want to do better next year, and go talk to teams about them. It’s an amazing experience, you’ll make friends from around the world, and improve your team. Good luck and have fun!