Tips for Debugging a Spark MAX

Hello all!

My team is evaluating using NEOs for our drivetrain. Our biggest concern is the debugging process at competition. We are used to Phoenix tuner, and its ability to see lots of data such as sticky faults by plugging in once. I haven’t played around a lot with the NEOs yet, so I am not very familiar with the REV SPARK MAX Client.

Have any teams figured out a good process for debugging, especially at competition? Are there any features that teams wish REV SPARK MAX Client had that Phoenix Tuner has?

Thank you so much in advance for your help. Fears of debugging at competition are our biggest worry before making the switch.


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I haven’t used the client that much, but for debugging we usually just use code to print values that we want to see to SmartDashboard. For example, to see sticky faults, you can use getStickyFaults()

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We had a Spark Max completely corrupt itself during a fall off season. We had a 6 Neo drive train, We disconnected the opposite side and managed to run on 4 neos. We set it into recovery mode and quickly fixed it using the resources from REV robotics. Debugging is a pain, but the different color lights help differentiate issues. I personally like Brush less motors on our Drive train, We are using Falcons this year, but would use neos if we couldn’t use falcons.

We also have our own debugging code that helps identify problems in code, but REV robotics has good information about debugging Spark Max issues.

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