Tips for Interview

This is my first time doing a chairman’s intervirew. I was wondering if there are any tips or guidelines that I should know.

Aviv 1657

a few things to remember

  1. don’t be nervous
  2. talk at a normal speed dont try to rush to try to get everything in because you could just loose the judges
  3. know what you are talking about (all details, specifics, and try to get someone who doesn’t know much about an event or any outreach you did to ask you questions about it and you try to explain it)

This is all i can think of right now but when i come up with more i will post them

Don’t be fake, if you don’t know, say you don’t, and find out the answer for them and tell them when they are in the pits.

Don’t over-do your presentation, by that I mean, don’t make it looking as if it was rehearsed hours on end. You know what you know about you team. They only want to know the basic important stuff, not technically stuff.

Relax! It’s only 5 minutes. When you are in there, you may think to yourself, this isn’t do bad! And after wards you will feel like it was nothing to get uptight about.

Have a list of things you talk about,(or a thin book) covering what you talk about and somethings that you didn’t have time to talk about.

Don’t say what you think they want to hear. Be real, if you’re fake, they’ll know.

Have fun! Whether you win the award or not doesn’t make everything you’ve done less fun, meaningful or memorable. You’ve done it, you’re going to do more, those are the two things you need to remember. The rest is just a chunk of stone and some glass. A very nice one, mind you, but merely that.

Yes, the acknowledgement is nice, but just realize that you’ve done is the part that was tough, this is just a little conversation about it. I’m sure you’ve had them many times with many people.

Good luck!

I just got a question about 10 minute interview.
For your 5 minute part, what is the best way to present to the judges.
power point presentation?
just talk about the team?
give them a brochure or something (as a hard copy) and talk about your team?

what do you guys think?

If you do a powerpoint, HAVE A NON-TECHNOLOGICAL BACKUP. At SVR, none of the chairman’s teams that used laptops got them working correctly. Make sure you know your material well enough to do it without the aid of the presentation.

Basically what everyone else has been saying: Know your stuff, and it will flow extremely well. If you have done a lot of the planning and work, it is likely that you know an immense amount about the programs that you want to talk to the judges about. Just be comfortable with that, and you will do awesome. :slight_smile:

In the chairmans award presentation you should be really calm. These judges don’t know you so they aren’t going to critizise you as your fellow peers would in a regular practice. also practice, practice, practice… if you do the possibilities of you being nervous are very slim.