Tips for the new CD-Media

While Discourse does not have some of what we liked about CD-Media, it does have a few new things that could be helpful when highlighting certain aspects of a whitepaper. It allows us to be more concise in our descriptions, using markdown and auto-hosted images. Here are some tips I’ve found. Please feel free to add to them!

  • Make the download obvious by adding the H1 tags around the download link:

H1 tags make text look like this


  • Take a screenshot of an interesting part of the document and directly paste it into the post in a meaningful way. I think these are best below the description.



While these are definitely helpful, my biggest gripe with CD-Media in Discourse is the lack of a dedicated space for it on the “portal”. I posted a white paper last night, but it quickly got buried underneath all of the code/CAD postings. On the old CD it would have sat on the left hand side of the page for a week for everyone to see, regardless of how many other regular posts were made in that time. I’m hoping there exists or someone can make some add-on to give a second column on the “portal” page for CD-Media to avoid this in the future. (@Brandon_Martus)

This, or a plugin to modify the CD-Media category to show thumbnails in the topic listing …

I am up for installing any community-supported plugins, as long as they are written well and maintained.

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