Tips to design a elevator with a climber

Hi, is the first time my team is making a elevator, (some of us are also new in designing area), so we want to know about some tips to start designing it first, so we can design it correctly.
We make a research, and we decided that we want to make a continuous elevator, because we want the elevator to work as a climber too.
We are planning that our elevator ends like a two stages continuous elevator, with a total height of 80 inches and a width about 22-20 inches.
We hope you can help us, thank u very much.

Assuming you’re just asking about how to design a basic elevator, it’s always a good idea to look at existing designs before trying to do your own from scratch. The “go-to” example for elevators is the Greyt Elevator - the product page is linked below, where you can download the CAD.

(The Greyt Elevator is a cascade elevator, but there’s nothing stopping you from climbing with a cascade elevator; it’s just a different rigging style)


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