Tired of Gray? Liven up that Pro/E Background!

Hi, it is the middle of winter and gray is not the most uplifting color, so why not change the background colors in Pro/E? If you want to use the same color scheme we have implemented for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, change your Top and Bottom blended background colors to these values:

  • Top: 198, 220, 236
  • Bottom: 92, 125, 169

To change these colors, choose View, Display Settings, **System Colors… **and then pick the **Edit **button for the Blended Background. This will bring up the Blended Color dialog box where you can assign any color to the Top and Bottom for the blend.

Experiment with some colors of you own :cool:

LOL!! Cool post but not entirely useful.

i use pre-wildfire scheme

You may find that you change your system colors, then exit and re-launch Pro/E to find your colors missing! If this happens you may need to direct Pro/E to where your custom scheme is located.


  1. Set your custom scheme how you like it
  2. In the System Colors menu, select file -> save. A good place to save this is in your Pro/E load point, along with your config.win and config.pro, this makes it very easy to track all of your custom Pro/E files and options, etc.
  3. Go to Tools -> Options
  4. Add the option “system_colors_file” and browse to the file you saved

Now each time you load Pro/E it will have your custom colors. You can also direct Pro/E to a number of files/directories this way, such as the symbols menu, drawing templates, etc, if your team has defined a custom set of these.