Titanium and magnesium fasteners?

Can we use titanium and magnesium fasteners?

Are they considered exotic materials?

Waialua Robotics

There hasn’t been a rule against exotic materials for several years. Yes they are legal, assuming they meet the price requirements and such.

According to
<R49> The total cost of all non-Kit items may not exceed $3,500.00 USD. No individual COTS electronic
component shall have a value of over $200.00 USD. No individual non-electronic item shall have a value of
over $400.00. The total cost of components purchased in bulk may exceed $400.00 USD as long as the cost of
an individual component does not exceed $400.00. The following items are EXCLUDED from the total cost
• The cost of any non-functional decorations
• The cost of individual fasteners, adhesives, or lubricants, unless any one component exceeds $1.00

They would be legal, as long as they either didn’t exceed $1 or you accounted for them in your budget.

I assume you mean a magnesium alloy?

pure magnesium is very dangerous stuff! :ahh:

Magnesium + water = fun :smiley:

use of said materials should be fine. wish I could be apart of the fun this year. :frowning: Next year i’ll be back.

Actually magnesium is relatively hard to set fire to when their is good amount of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesium We use it alloyed with aluminum for bolts and screws, amazingly light. You can hardly feel it. It’s also super strong.

I can imagine it’s very expensive… correct?

Thats true. When I was in the Coast Guard the old rescue helicopters had magnesium wheels. Some of the bigger CG cutters had these choppers stationed on the ship. If a landing helicopter hit the deck too hard the tires would blow and the wheels would catch fire.

There was no way to put them out once they caught, and they would burn right through the deck of the ship. The standing proceedure was to get the crew out, then the captain would turn the ship hard right rudder, causing the ship to list hard over, and the helicopter would go over the side.

Also, magnesium machine shops are required to be separate buildings for insurance purposes, because its not a question of “if” there will be a fire, only of “when”.