Titanium Robotics new Website!

Titanium Robotics has somewhat finalized a new website design! (http://www.titaniumrobotics.com).

It runs on Wordpress and the theme was custom built and designed from scratch. It’s gone through A LOT of iterations, and is now basically complete.

We’d like to know what you guys think about it!

What size screen did you design this for, because when I open it up on my 28" pictures load so big that the text on most pages is two words per line.

Is it possible for you to send a screenshot?

I’ve tried to keep larger and smaller screens in mind when designing the website, but i’ve never had access to a 28" screen :slight_smile:

I work on a 13" mac, but i’ve also done work on a 17"

Looks HUGE on my 22 inch monitor. It also spills out onto my 2 other screens.

Most of the problems should now be fixed :slight_smile:
It’s huge on larger screens mainly because we designed it to be responsive and fluid width so that it adapts to your window size. It gets outrageously huge at 2000px, though, so that’s where our max-width is set.

Lots of newer screens are 3200px wide, and the tabs on the top don’t show up on a hi DPI screen. Otherwise, it looks great!

While making your website, keep in mind the people that know nothing about FIRST that will be viewing your website. You should make sure that those people know what you’re talking about as quickly as possible.

The design of the home screen is too overwhelming. Try to get lots of information that’s easy to read with minimal scrolling. It would be better if you balanced out the white space on either side of your screen. Near the top, there is no white space on the sides, and going down there is increasing space. What you could do is compress the banner and nav bar on the top to allow some white space and so people won’t need to scroll. Further down with content, scrunch some information together to remove some of the white space.

So there’s my candor. It’s a really good website, don’t get me wrong. Also make sure you’re updated on this year’s game.

We took a lot of your guys’s advice! I really appreciate your help in our website design process!


We somewhat de-cluttered and reorganized the home page, made FIRST a bigger priority and a more emphasized part of the website, and introduced some more information about the team to the home page. In addition, we’ve reverted to our original plan to have whitespace on the sides of the page instead of a 100% width homepage!

What theme is this? If it is a custom theme, could you send it to me? I would like to play around with it a little bit. Thank you!

This is a custom theme, it doesn’t have the best syntax :P, but it is available on our github: https://github.com/FRC-Team-1160/Website