TJ Squared - That was easy...

How you doin’? Moe is back…

TJ Squared Video

Looks like TJ is up to something, I may have to go watch.

Ya know…

I will be expecting some very good things from one of my favorite teams of all time, TJ²…especially considering they have time to make a video when the rest of us are just trying to get a robot that moves! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny though…Moe as always, is the man.

Good Luck,
Andy Grady

How you doin’, TJ!!!

Bridgewater is about an hour away from the original Staples store in Brighton, MA, so this video is quite fitting.

Good to see that Moe is up to something - I’m expecting to see an awesome robot at the scrimmage!

All these teams up north seem to have all these great videos. (Yes, I’m counting Beatty and Wildstang as “up north.”)

It almost makes me want to break out the video camera myself. (Of course, I wouldn’t be pelting the freshmen with Poof balls, for fear of an all-out war zone in a room full of computers on rickety tables… :ahh: )

Team 237 will have a good vid (I’m envisioning) by the end of week 1 or 2 after ship. 1 or 2 weeks before our first regional (Annapolis, MD)

I just need footage. lol

Finally got the camcorder, just need footage and some planning.
Planning is underway, and has been for a week now.

That video has “Senior Prank” written all over it. Imagine. You could coat the practice balls with paint, put the button inside the school building and the control box outside. Then you can shoot balls full of graffiti-paint and vandalize the school while you’re eating lunch. You won’t get caught. I guarantee you. That video makes your robot that good.

More from #1111 soon. You’ll see a 97% complete robot Saturday at the Building Museum, so bring your cameras.