TLamp's Onshape Featurescripts

Over the past couple of weeks, I have put together several feature scripts:

CheeseIt! - Auto weight reduction pattern

CheeseIt! automatically applies a isogrid/hexagon/circle weight reduction pattern. It works around part features such as bearing holes and whatnot. In its current state, the script’s automatic grid generation is inefficient but works. It is usually faster to define your own grid in the advanced tab.

PatchIt! - Used to patch pockets from CheeseIt!

Sometimes the CheeseIt! the script will generate pockets that aren’t ideal or will cause some intended holes/part features to separate/float from the actual part. PatchIt! will patch said holes. The current version does not support sheet metal.

MechSketch - Imports sketches of COTS parts and pulley/gear generator

Given a plane and an origin MechSketch will import a sketch of a COTS FRC part or you can generate a sketch of a custom HTD5M/GT2 pulley or spur gear. These featurescripts combine the functionality of several other public featurescripts.

DesignConstants - Imports math/bolt fits/more to reference

Once run in a feature studio DesignConstants will import many standard variables, such as the clearance hole of a 10-32 bolt, so you don’t have to look up a table when designing a part. You can view all the variables in the code. Please let me know if you would like me to add other variables.


These are really sweet. Thanks for putting this together.

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The last 2 are great, especially for a novice designer like me! I will be using this for pretty much everything i design now, thanks for sharing this!


The first 3 are great. I’m especially enjoying the names and 10/10 penguin.

I’m thinking that if you added electronics profiles to the 3rd script, it would be even better.

I find the last one not very helpful as Onshape has all of that in the Hole feature tool already, But it is nice to have these if people choose to draw hardware holes.

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That’s a great suggestion! I’ll work on adding that.

@Attention Just updated MechSketch to include FRC electronics!