TLC's Operation Junkyard

I found out about this show from one of my friends. Looks like FIRST kids could dominate it. Specially if there is a large bag of tie wraps out there in the yard. I hope i rember to watch it saturday morning.

I don’t want to wear army fatigue.

You just barely heard about this show? I’m amazed.
Even for a non-tech type it’s exciting. The creativity involved is a real mind boost. I really enjoyed the episodes I got to see last winter.

I maen really I’m sooo not technical. The most I know about torqe is:
A cieling fan has enough “torque” to move around at a high enough speed to create a light breeze in a room. It does not however, have enough “torque” to move at all when a dogleash is attatched, with a kid dressed in Superman underwear and a cape holding onto the other end.

That’s about the most practical hands on advice I’ve had from the other mothers in my circle of friends.