TNT September 16th and 17th Reminder

Hey everyone! Team 79’s annual Tempest in Tampa has risen once again! This competition promotes FIRST, Team 79, and STEM education throughout the event!!! We have competitions for FRC, FTC, FLL, and Vex and other memorable events planned, like for one example: a “lock in” when we can stay up the whole night and then compete Saturday morning the 17th. The location is at the University of Tampa!

Remember the date: September 16th and 17th!
Hope to see all of you guys there!!

So excited!!! I told our lead mentor, “Can you believe TNT is only 3 weeks away?” And he flipped out because he thought he had a lot more time.

Exploding Bacon would like to challenge all teams to a skit contest to take place sometime during the night!!

If it means making Barry do flips on his stilts then I’m all for it. LOL.

You’re luck Barry can stay vertical on his stilts… :rolleyes:

See everyone there!

Can’t possibly be more dangerous than posing for a picture with a PVC trident.

…Looking forward to the event!

Glad that I am not on the safety comittee… lol

TNT is the BEST!:smiley:

Does anyone know the team list yet?

I’m sure Brian Camp does.
I saw in a recent email that there were 19 team signed up and we could probably guess more than half of them.

I’m really surprised that there are only 19 teams on the list. Florida has only grown in size since the first TNT back in 2007. According to the blue alliance, taking into account for the last two teams who never went to the regional and the 5 that are from out of area, Florida has 56 active teams. I was not on the team for TNT 1, but TNT 2 in 2008 had 26 teams at the event, and there were only 38 active teams in Florida. We should try to encourage more teams to sign up before it gets too late. This event is really fun, and I feel that a first year team that goes to an off season event is much more likely to return the next year.

As of August 16th, there were 19 teams signed up. However, there were 9 teams that have signed up in the past that have not signed up for TNT this year yet. They have told us they probably will. There are another 3 who may sign up.

So, if the 9 that have signed up in the past sign up again, we will have 28 teams, an increase from our last TNT.

The problem this year is that TNT is now in September rather than October, causing some teams to be unable to attend.

Team 79 is very excited for TNT!!

Just checking, does anyone have a schedule for the event? I’m looking to make it down, but I also have to be back in Columbia early Sunday morning by plane, train, or automobile.

Only 13 days until TNT!!!

Cant wait to see you all there!! :slight_smile:

Here is the schedule for 2009 and I would guess that this years schedule would be pretty similar.

Hope this helps.

Ahh, I see. Well hopefully those 9 teams will all be there, because the way I see it, the more teams the better!! And I’m super excited, shark attack will definitely be re-vamped and ready! Also, when finalized, will the team list be posted here?

So I’ve already “spammed” my own Facebook with posts and comments about how excited I am for TNT this year, but now I get the chance to do so here on Chiefdelphi… so without further to do… **I CAN’T WAIT!!! ** Okay, that is all. :smiley: ::safety:: :eek: :yikes: :ahh:

TnT is one of the funnest FIRST events, and we can’t wait to play! Does anyone know if the rules will be modified? There were some changes made at IRI that made the game better in my opinion (mini bots weren’t as important, and tube strategy came into play).

As of right now there are 27 teams officially signed up with 2 teams possibly coming.

I will try to find out for you. I graduated so I am not at all the meetings to find out! :slight_smile:

TNT in 1 week and a day!!!

What time should teams get there to unload and setup?

Can anyone suggest a good place to go after TNT to watch the conclusion of the UCF vs FIU game, and also the Oklahoma vs FSU game?