To all (Detroit-local) Michigan teams

Another team member of team 5 and I got this idea. What teams here that live around Detroit, or wouldn’t mind traveling to the competing team’s city, would like to set up a lil’ compeition to get more people invovled in FIRST?

So far, there’s support from team 818. Here’s the plans so far:

  • Have a compeitition for 1 day
  • Non-FIRST registered. This means that it’s not like a regional or invitational. Just a get-together.
  • Awards will be given. I’m not sure on this. But I’m going to guess that they will be made, so no Woodie Flower’s award.
  • Everyone will help build it all. Every team should pitch in with building the set.

Count 322 in, just let us know what you need. We also have the Flint Kettering Kickoff in fall

I’m think 66 would be up for it, but don’t quote me on it.

Thank you both.

I’ll inform team 5 on this, and see what’s going to happen next.