To all FIM teams who still want to compete

to all teams in FIM team 6128 would like to know if we did an event( it would be a wooden field but just like the real one) who would be willing to come. it would be free to enter and the only real difference will be no judges only robot based competition. we are sad by the cancellation of all the first season events and want to give all teams the chance to compete. this would be done later in the year when the virus threat has died down. we are located in Oceana county.

Just a heads up this is as of right now just an idea we want to see if enough teams would be interested to take the time to set it up


If you coordinate with FiM I bet there’s a good chance you could host a full-on offseason event with the real field. Might want to give it a bit to see if events are truly getting rescheduled or not.


I’m sure we’d love to come!

But it might be a bit far from us. We shall see.

We would love to come and see our robot compete for the FIRST time

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