To all gearheads

are there any other FRC members out there who not only like to build robots, but like to build engines?

post your stuff!!! (pics are nice)

heres my highly modded turbo rx-7 which i did a full race rebuild, and am about to put the engine back in…

6 port engine
extended street port
custom exhaust
big turbo
custom straight-through 3" dual exhaust
emissions removed
turbo II intake mani
power steering and AC removed
electric radiator fan
stage 4 clutch
fuel pressure regulator
braided fuel lines
all new silicon vacuum hoses





heres the actual build thread:

Here is a project i picked up in Oct of 07

As you can tell she has a Boss 302 in her. Currently it’s out of gas, dead battery, horn is ether broken or disconnected, The trans and back end are geared down so low that i can creep along at 20mph w/o touching the clutch and or gas in 2nd gear. The gas gauge thinks it has a 1/2 tank more of gas then it really does (why it’s out of gas). Then to top all of that off before i can fix anything i need to get street tires on it. Drag tires are a no no on the roads of NY state i guess. I mostly fell in love with this car for the exhaust (This is the loudest car i have ever heard thanks to flowmaster and no cats on the pipes) and I loved the price of 2.5k

i just sttarted min ill have pics soon, but very nice engins guys.

I have not started on mine either…

i am about to buy a 1966 mustang… im hoping im going to get it this week!!! it does need bit of work… but not to much… and i think i can get it for right about $800!!! i will get some pics when i get it…

I’ll post a picture of the engine I put in my truck when I was still in high school…not too sophisticated, but in 1979 a 15 second (in the quarter mile) pickup truck was quicker than any new car you could buy!

1929 Model A Speedster (current project)

A “cutaway” view so you can see the engine.

Neat! that A bone looks like HAMB material :slight_smile:

We use to have a Pro Mud Racer. We sold it a couple years ago but here is a picture of it.

It had a 496 Chevrolet. It was alcohol injected with nitrous.

Oh boy… where do I start?

Currently at my house we have…
a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland. (not mine)

a 1950 Mercury Coupe (not mine)

a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback (Shelby Clone) (also not mine)

& at a remote location which I actually have to work on and try to move this weekend I have:

a 1979 Plymouth Trailduster with a 360, Fulltime 4WD, and a completely removable top. (that one’s mine & can be found HERE & HERE)

I’ll post some pics of the others later on.

I’m new to FIRST and the mentor thing, but I’m a huge gearhead. Here are some pics as proof.

My 3rd gen RX-7.

My 95 Neon ACR “Spec Neon” racecar.

The “Chia Neon” that a fellow mentor and I race in the 24 Hours of LeMonsraces.

A picture of two of the other cars I had that I sold to pay for all the racing :slight_smile:

wow, this is really awesome
i was wondering if anybody was actually gunna post stuff…:ahh:

keep posting! :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to do that 24 hours of LeMons for so long, but i cont have the cash or the time.

yea one of the Subaru Clubs(CT subaru Crew) I belong to was going to enter an old subaru into the 24 hours of lemons…turns out $500 subies are hard to come by…
But heres my car…purchased with intent to mod, but im a broke college student and the type of racing i’ve gotten into(Rally-X) isn’t too friendly to my car’s health,
Heres a few pics of the last rally-X i was at and the aftermath and a pic of messing around in the snow

its a 1996 Subaru Impreza L Wagon.

I get my subie DIRTY :smiley:

It’s awesome to see so many RX-7’s on here!!! I LOVE those cars!
Also good see such a variety of interest (import to american muscle to 24 hours of lemons to mudracing yada yada yada)

Ahhhh!!! :ahh:
All these cool race type events that people in CT are involved in!
The only thing I’ve ever done is indoor Karting, and outdoor AutoX type events (with a full size electric car mind you… )

Anywho, where are these races held that are in the pics? <–everything SCCA <—other AutoX events <—indoor Kart racing… Its AWESOME

^^these sites will give you a few AutoX and RallyX schedules as well as others…enjoy!

dude i live for robotics and cars. I’m only 16 but i get my license on April 1,2008 i can not wait to finally drive my camaroZ28 , ive rebuilt that engine with my dad.
The First one is a 1986 Camaro Z28 w/ 305 four-barrel carburetor, it needs some TLC, such as new audio components, front suspension, and i want to throw some goods on it too such as a new carb and intake manifold(not sure what size), posi with disk brakes.

The second one,the red one, is my dad’s 1984 Firebird Trans Am, same engine as the camaro except the car only has 49,000 original miles. Manual tranny and thats about it.

My aunt said if i want i can restore her her 1971 Dodge Challenger.It doesn’t have a Hemi, but im easy to please. Ill post pics if i ever get them:D

I love F-bodies… thats all i can say,even though my dad’s daily driver is 2003 Mustang with a V6



you have good taste my friend
you should throw on a pair of T-62 turbos


A ton of guys at my school drive Camaros, but my family is all about the blue oval. Not bashing GM or Dodge, but I think that the Mustangs ability to of been introduced in 1964 and then still in 2008 being sold, ever being discontinued. Even thought the gas shortages in the 1970s. But they are still being made even today over 40 years down the road. I’m not saying all Mustangs are great cause there where some really bad Mustangs out there.