To all of the mentors about to start it all over again tomorrow!

Posted on FB but I wanted to share with all of you (slightly modified):

To all of the mentors about to start it all over again tomorrow!

Thank you! Thank you for choosing to get involved in something bigger than yourself. Thank you for choosing to dedicate your time, money, lifestyle, while sacrificing so much so the next generation of students that you mentor will have a greater chance of success. Many won’t thank you, or even realize what you have done for them until they are older, but I do, and I know because I was one of those students. The choice that you have made to help your fellow human being in a field where so much may be at stake in the future leads to limitless potential.

I out of all people love the spirit of competition, it is one of the greatest factors of what makes FIRST FIRST and keeps me going every year. Let’s remember that we are in this for all of us. FIRST is not just about the students, mentors, or robot, but the community impact that we can make so others will be inspired to push themselves to achieve more.

I wish you all the best of luck in the 2014 season and beyond. Even through many of you I only see one or two times a year (or may not even have a chance to see this year), I consider you to be on a level of friendship that cannot compare with those I see in my everyday life. It is something that I have troubles describing to those around me, but you know what I mean…

From a current mentor who is a past student inspired by mentors: