Posted by Ben Mitchell at 05/01/2001 9:01 AM EST

Student on team #303, Vulgens Heroes, from Bridgewater-Raritan HS and Bihler.

I’m Ben Mitchell, from Team 303. A day ago, during Programming class, I set up a hotmail account which allows teams to sign-on for a database. It is an opportunity for any and every team, one that is basically risk-free, and will pay off in a major way next year.

C’mon guys! I’m surprised there are folks out there who have enough time to post messages, yet cannot sign-up on a two-minute process which lets everyone make intelligent tactical decisions in 2002. The leaders of the competition are those who know what they’re doing, and the focus has shifted to cooperative, more complex games that require more strategy, not just a good single robot.

I’m letting you sign-up for an excahnge service of massive amounts of data at the cost of 5 minutes of your time. JUST SIGN-UP! Its that easy. Really, its a no-brainer, ladies and gentlemen. The more people interested, the more each team will recieve.

If you have any questions, sent it at the bottom of your e-mail below.

I would prefere teasm to be signed up now rather than later, it saves me work during the chaotic season of Robotics. This is basically the Off-season, and this is when I’ll be doing most of this mailing list operations.

This contact list is, instead of me entering data on my laptop the day of the competition, is to have this all done before hand. I’ll e-mail you a blank form. You e-mail back a filled one. I e-mail you back a copy of the complete database. Everyone wins.

All enrolled will receive data on every other contributing team on my list, The result: send in your data, and get many others people’s data. It can’t hurt to sign-up, and the benefits of data before a match starts can be crucial.

Going into a regional, you’ll have data on aty least some of the teams there. It all depends on if you sign up. I’ve gotten numerous e-mails already, but if you’re reading this message, send me an e-mail! It takes a good 2 minutes to fill out! And you have so much to gain!

I’ll use the e-mail sent to me to copy the email address, feel free to add it in text, if you wish, but it’s not a problem. Sharing robot data across as many teams as possible helps everyone out. And maybe teams not interested in collaberation this year will get the picture, and sign-up. Data is as important a resource as spare parts, especially since the FIRST games are becoming more cooperative. Intelligence, even the most simplistic of data makes a huge difference.

At The Mid-Atlantic Regional, My team created basically survey forms, which we interviewed for each team. I then took the data collected from those sheets, which were robot attributes, and created an Excel Spreadsheet which served as a database.

An example would be:

Big ball: Yes
Small ball: No
Balancing: one goal on bridge
Drive system: 4 wheel drive
Bar: none, uses bridge
Manuverability: fair
Stretcher Manip: Loaded

This data enabled my team, and anyone else whom we gave a copy to, the ability to look at these sheets, and create a plan.

PLEASE: Coordinate on your team to who will join, and make a team account, or designate a member as your contact address.

Include in your email your:

TEAM WEB SITE (if one is availible)


(this format will be easier for me to organize, thanks)


[email protected]