To all teams going to the Annapolis Regional

Figured I’d post this here too, as this applies to scouting and intel gathering:

To all teams going to the Annapolis Regional,

Team 303 is offering a public database: we plan on having it completed by the end of Thursday, at the VERY latest: more likely it will be available noon to mid-afternoon Thursday.

Each robot’s abilities will be documented, and verified by Team 303: two separate, independent students will independently receive data, to eliminate the infamous:” What does you’re robot do?” and getting 2 different responses.

All data will go through a final screening process, so that this information will be accurate: 303 will be using this information too, so you can be assured that the information you receive will be of high quality: We would never give you information we wouldn’t use ourselves.

There is only one fee for joining this database: offer your robot’s information, as accurate as possible, when our scouts ask you about it: this will happen two hours after the gates open on Thursday: the faster we can gather information, the faster we can get this database out to y’all. If anyone is interested in helping out, send me an email at [email protected].

I plan on doing the same thing at the J&J Mid-Atlantic, if this works out well. If anyone would like a copy, just stop by and see me, I’ll be printing copies for every team. I think that when everyone goes into a match with a plan, everyone benefits. Hopefully, this can help all teams plan ahead for strategy purposes, and everyone can benefit and help each other by quickly deciding upon tactics at the beginning of every match.

I am not going to acquire information via these forums, as I have found information is much more accurate when received in person. However, I hope to hear from anyone interested in helping out, so I can get a jump start on gathering info. If all goes well, I realistically expect to have a working database done by noon.

Any questions, feel free to post: and if you are interested in working with me on Thursday, send me a PM or an email. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share info Thursday morning. Those who help out will get their copies in advance (before they go into mass production.)


Ben Mitchell
Team #303

Do you plan on uploading the data on the teams after the regional to a website for use in feature competitions?

If so… When you do upload the data, could you provide a link to it (and if one can view data on each team at one time via a ?tn=201) could you include that. This way, I can add that link to the database.

If you don’t plan on uploading the data to the web b/c you can’t or don’t know how, could you please contact me so that you could some way export data to me, and I would put it on (with credit for the data given to your team)

and finally, If you don’t plan on uploading data b/c you don’t want people to ‘steal’ it w/o adding, well… then is there any data that you would have besides match results?

Thanks a lot.

Jack & Team 201

PS: PM or Email me PM (use the little button), email: [email protected]

My database on robot abilities only: i could care less about match results.

I am not going to upload this database for several reasons:

  1. My team would not allow it.

  2. I don’t want other people taking the work my team has done, and marketing it as their own. My intention is to help other teams, not do their scouting work for them.

  3. This database’s contents will be checked and SIGNED by an adult leader of each team on it: the info I get, any team could get, if they asked all 55 teams what their robots did.

If there is a problem (we had a similiar incident 2 years ago) with the database’s contents, and it has violent results (like 2 years ago) we want to keep that “contained” - I’d rather not spend my time in Houston apologizing to a million people.

  1. Other teams can do thier own scouting, or is soap108 is still doing thier databsae, can use that. This isn’t meant to be a large-scale production, and I feel more comfortable without it being public for download.


But - everyone in Annapolis will recieve a hard copy, with a header that gives credit where credit is due: to the members of team 303 who worked to get that information.