To all the trailer pullers

Wishing you all fair weather and safe travels as we all begin our journeys to Houston.


And find a good location to leave your trailer while at Champs.


These are the real heroes every year. Wishing you all safe travels!


Just sent ours off on the road. Hoping to find a lot close to the venue. Is there anywhere close to GRB to park/store trailers? Looking for suggestions.

My copilot and I are heading out at 3. Safe travels. See you in Houston!

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Still waiting on the principal…

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If anyone on their way wants to post any pics from anything you see or anywhere you stop along the way, that would be cool for those of us not going.


I will try to remember to post pics of Black’s BBQ in Lockhart.

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The parent pulling our trailer has their truck broke down in Joplin MO, hope thats not how the whole trip goes. Rental places won’t let you tow a trailer, so their waiting till Monday morning to talk to the Chevy dealer. They are safe though, that’s the important part.


How big of a trailer? Is there an option to switch to a UHaul box truck? Not ideal but may work in a pinch. Either transfer everything over or tow the trailer behind it.

We are about an hour south of Joplin. If you guys can’t figure anything out send me a DM and maybe we can help or connect you with someone who can.

@tsieberg Enterprise business rental will let you tow with their 3/4 ton trucks, at least they did back in 2017. Might be worth a try.

As for your team’s truck, what make/model/year of truck and what was the failure? I’ve been stranded on robotics trips a couple times myself. I’m curious to know what happened.

Not my truck, but think it’s a 2021 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton. Google “chevy truck lifter problem” and that is believed to be the issue. Common problem on these trucks.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sitting on a plane about to take off, so signing off for a couple hours.


Indeed they are!

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They still do allow towing from the commercial rental locations. I was rear ended a year ago and the insurance company rented me one so I could still tow my camper.

Just wanted to follow-up on our break down in Joplin MO.
Landers Chevrolet of Joplin took our tow vehicle in first thing Monday and had it on the road early afternoon. They squeezed it in and worked through their lunch break. I wasn’t there, but was told the service was excellent. We are appreciative of the dealer and our trailer puller for getting our robot to Houston.


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