To all who finished in time!

Congratz! It is like 4 hours from due time and I just finished. I was having a problem with compression and many other things. Anyways team 1147 has there animation in on time! I probably put the better version on filefront later. Now SLEEP and bragging rights to my team taht I finished the animation before they finished the bot. Goodnight or Goodmorning to whoever cares.

AMEN! we finished yesterday, and it feels soooo good to be done. I do kinda miss the fun and excitement (not the stressful last few meetings) that the season brings. I think i will go and help build the robot or something. Maybe do a fun animation just to burn a few weeks. But, indeed, being done rocks.

Finally uploading it now :wink:

But i had forgotten to upload the release form last week, sent in the entry but not the other, hopefully they will still accept a late release form :ahh:

I really don’t like the DV-NTSC file convertor, it blurs everything.
I uploaded my animation around 11:00 PM(8 PM Pst).

I feel like 300 lbs was just lifted off my shoulders!

Now all my team has to do is build a robot…

Uploads were down from when to when? I uploaded in at 4:30 this morning cause I had to pull an all nighter to finish in time. WIsh they kept it to six week to animate.

My team’s animation was done 1.5 days before ship, but it was a rush at the end there. I too wish we had the extra week. I also wish the format was not so obscure. something like divx or whatever, where almost everyone already has the codecs to view it. It sucks that i can’t watch my own team’s animaton at my house without downloading new programs and updates.

Oh done. My team took a big chance and had a whole design and music written befor kickoff. And it payed off, we were right with the theme. we did all the modeling and animation durring the five weeks though. (i should say “I” because im the only one on our animation team.) oh well.