To anyone from J.R. Tucker High

Just wanted to send my condolences for the loss of one of your former students and classmates who was killed in Iraq. May he rest in peace.

Thanks Michael. He came in junior year and graduated with me, yet I didn’t know him well. I remember seeing him around school a bit, but I never knew him. It’s really sad when things like this happen. Two of my friends went into the Air Force, so I worry about them too. One of the saddest things was that he was part of a group home and couldn’t really afford to go to college, all he had was the military option. God bless him.

Thanks Michael. We were all shocked when we got to class that mornig and saw it in the paper. I too have a few friends that graduated last year and went into the military. He was in our high school’s MCJROTC which is located right beside the classroom we use for the robotics team. Thanks for the support.