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Posted by Mark Garver at 02/24/2001 10:03 AM EST

Student on team #68, Truck Town Terror, from Waterford Kettering/OSMTech Academy and General Motors Truck Group.

It is hard to tell by looking at the different pictures of CD6, what type of drivetrain do you guys have this year? I had talked to a couple different students on chiefdelphi at school and they were saying 4 independent tank tread drive units. So is it? I don’t think that it is possible but you never know??

Posted by Joe Johnson at 02/24/2001 10:45 AM EST

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by Mark Garver on 02/24/2001 10:03 AM EST:

I takes 8 motors, 4 sensors and 10 pounds of
programming to make it work, but this year we have 4
wheel drive, 4 wheel independent steering.

Each “wheel” is, in fact, a tank tread.

We are still working out a few bugs, but in general we
are very happy with the drive.

It offers new heights of mobilitity and agility.

Look for us to Swerve into a competition near you soon!

Joe J.

Posted by Rob Zeuge at 02/24/2001 10:58 AM EST

Coach on team #121, Rhode Warrior, from University of Rhode Island and Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 02/24/2001 10:45 AM EST:

Hello Joe,

I was just wondering what type of interface you use to control that beast. How do you use the fwd/rev vs. the left/right motion of the joysticks (if you are using joysticks at all…)

Also, I assume you use potentiometers to read the wheel orientation, what precautions do you take to prevent them from slipping?

I realize these may be trade secrets, but I was just wondering…

Robert Zeuge