To FIRST Team 159 - we may have your minibot

Hello all,

I’m looking for someone from FIRST Team 159.

We were working with them on their minibot at Nationals last year and accidentally took it home. We’re assuming you would like it back.

If someone from that team can send me a private message with an address that we can send it to I’ll see if we can ship it to you.

Sorry about that, it took us a while to figure out which team we borrowed it from.

  • Taylor from FIRST Team 151, the Tough Techs

Forwarded to team captain, should hear back soon.

Thanks, we would love to have it back. I’ll message you an address to send it to as soon as I find out what the correct one is.

So the one you sent me was the correct one?

I just want to confirm it before I send it to the wrong address.