To function properly?

We, the Pirates, need music! Not being able to listen to music while we work is punishment!

Perfect song: Fall Out Boy - “Dance, Dance.” It’s the only song that we all like *] and we like to the dance to it = D

What do your teams need to “function correctly?” *

In 2004, it was Usher - Yeah. In 2005, we couldn’t really find one. This year, it was Nelly - Grillz

“You Spin Me Right Round” by Billy Idol…

It has a special meaning for many of us. :wink:

Billy Idol does not sing that, Dead Or Alive does fyi.

And gg… save us all!

One of the many 1hr+ long progressive mixes by DJ Devine, some Locust Toolbox, or DesignerThumbs for us.

But Billy Idol also sings his own version of it, I believe…

Smoke on the water, Deep Purple

sadly my team doesn’t have any dedicated song we all sort of listen to our own thing :frowning:

Last year we did not have our own team song, but in 2005 (a great year for us) we listened to alot of Queen. I’m actually listening to some right now. :smiley: I think it just made us all relax, and we built a better robot because of it.

He’s never recorded that song. I told Big Mike that years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm…okay, then…

Anyway, it’s a song that our entire team, including Mr. Cokeley, treasures. And we have Corey Balint to thank for that. :wink:

Wow! Is this your personal choice, or the choice of the whole team? That’s a tune I haven’t heard in maybe decades! :smiley:

In 2004 Final Countdown by Europe was our big thing. I don’t think we’ve had an official song or anything since then, though everyone had a thing for the Magical Trevor animation in '05.

the team was really dependent on music when they were in the shop. being the only computer literate one there, they asked me to make a computer dedicated to playing music on the tower speakers we had sitting around. i brought over an old emachine with slackware on it and started ripping some cds they brought in. one night, i was told to make a playlist of just led zeppelin and put it on shuffle repeat. this just happened to be the night before our scrimmage at chatsworth. they reportedly stayed until 2:00AM tuning the bot and listening to led zeppelin. they couldnt figure out how to turn it off without unplugging it, so they left it on with the speakers off. came back the next morning and it was still playing.

This is pretty much what I can walk into in the shop on any given day during build:
The Beatles
Frank Sinatra
House on Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins
I think I’ve also heard some Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

No surprise there. :yikes: :wink:

Hm… in 2003 our team song was TNT by ACDC. Our bot was named OIIY. In 2004-05 we listened to Dragostea Din Tei by OZone or whoever sang it on the person’s computer it was playing on. 2006 there was no song but I just recently got into Hawthorne Heights and I think next years song will be Blue Burns Orange. heh… Orange and Blue… our colors… ya know. That’s how I roll.

Hmm… sounds like a plan.

(from another Blue & Orange team)

Hawthorne Heights…nice!

Maybe next year we’ll like to play Panic! At The Disco. Cause me playing Chevelle, and From First To Last didn’t work out so well = \ They freaked over “Ride The Wings Of Pestilence” by FFTl ^^;;

Panic! At The Disco it is!

Heh… Panic! At The Disco sounds like good music to play while building… or actually… probably more media stuff for my team. Metallica is a classic at the build center.