To Greater Toronto Regional Teams


Team 296 will be bringing back our “Sundial” service to all teams at the 2005 Greater Toronto Regional. For those of you who didn’t see it last year or who haven’t heard about it yet this year, the service is basically a computerized, enhanced version of the match list printout that is distributed by FIRST – besides displaying the match numbers, times, and alliance and opposition teams for your team’s matches, it counts down to your next match and shows the match’s call status, all while synchronizing its clock with the playing field every ten seconds (see this thread, this thread, and this screenshot for more details).

If you’d like to try Sundial out, please bring a Wi-Fi capable computer and watch out for our handout containing the instructions on how to connect. We won’t be running the system on Thursday since we have an issue to iron out with FIRST, but if the issue is resolved successfully we’ll be able to offer the service on Friday and Saturday.

Thanks on behalf of team 296.