to IRI from Connecticut

The New England delegation to IRI (us and the NU-TRONS, 125) will be sharing a chartered coach which will be leaving from Groton, CT (right next to Mystic) at 6AM on Thursday, July 19. We estimate that we’ll arrive in Indianapolis between 9 and 10 PM, Thursday night.

It looks as though we will have a handful of extra seats on the bus. If anyone is trying to find a way to get to IRI, message me for more info.

I’ve been talking with Brandon(from 125) about it. With any luck, I’ll be able to join you guys!

I spoke with Justin and if I can get the funds I will be traveling with you guys.

Any chance this bus can stop in Kansas and “kidnap” a child, perhaps? :rolleyes:

It’s always made me think when teams offer up seats. This truly is an inspiration for GP.

I’ll probably just be watching the webcast like I have for the past 2 years. IRI should be quite interesting this year. (See other threads for continuation)

Of course! Kansas is right “on the way”! I appreciate the GP suggestion, but the truth is we’re also looking to defray the cost a bit:o

The NUTRONs will also have a couple spots on “our side” of the bus, so feel free to contact Brian or myself via PM and we’ll try to find a way to get you on.

The NUTRONs are stoked to be heading to IRI with our friends on 2168. It is bound to be an awesome trip.


I know New Jersey might be a bit of a stretch, but PM sent!

PM returned.

Raiders found an alternate way to IRI (Thanks Daisy!), so we and NU-TRONS still have about 8 open seats on our coach. email or PM either me or Brandon if you need a ride.

We are arranging a pick up spot near NYC, around the I-95/ I-287 area between Stamford and Tappan Zee.

After some adjustments, there are 11 seats available on our bus. We are arranging a pick-up stop near NYC (perhaps Rye), and another pickup along the route could also be arranged (it needs to be right on the route, mind you; we have a 14 hour trip, and the driver cannot drive more than 15 in one day).

On the way, by the way, is:
I-95 to I-287 to Tappan Zee Bridge, NY/NJ
I-287 south to I-78 west to Harrisburg, PA
I-76/I-70 thereon through Wheeling, Columbus, and Indianapolis

Last chance New Yorkers, New Jerseyites, Pennsylvanians:

The Aluminum-NUTRON bus will be making a stop along I-278, exit 22, just north of the I-78 interchange (Bridgewater, NJ). Bus should be there around 8AM next Thursday.

There are approximately 8 seats open as I type this. Welcome aboard! Give us a message!


And if you go to that stop on I-287(I’m pretty sure it’s 287 not 278) you will have the pleasure of my company as we wait for the bus.

Ayep, It’s north of the intersection of I-287 and I-78 . Dylsesixa is a hard thing to conquer.

It’s alright, I often think I’m a member of 469.

Jack in the Hat and I are looking forward to seeing the New England delegation at IRI (and all of our other FIRST friends as well) on Saturday. Have a safe trip everyone!

Glad to know you will be there! Are you driving or flying?

Driving. But we’re arriving late Friday; going to Indy to visit family!