To our friends in Israel

In reading separate threads, it seems that website, AVA entries, and Inventor entries will not be judged at the Israeli Regional. For all of you who have worked so hard this is disappointing news this late in the season, however it does NOT mean your work has to go unrecognized.

By all means finish the work that all of you started. Post your work on the web for all of us to see and be inspired. Let us know when your work is there, the FIRST community would love to see it! I’m only guessing that the lack of judges is part of your situation. It’s possible the first year of a new regional in a new country, this is just something that there weren’t enough time and resources to address properly. Whetever the reasons, have faith that FIRST and Israel will work this out for future years. In the mean time see if completed animations / screen shots can be shown at your regional. If the capabilities are at your venue, maybe this is a possibility.

Congratulations on all of your hard work. Maybe the community on CD can arrange an unofficial competition from a distance. We could use the actual manual scoring criteria and rules. If there is enough interest among the Israeli teams, I’d be willing to be a judge. Would anyone else out there like to help?

yes, i’m sure that an unofficial Israel competition for those parts could be arranged here, and there will definately be plenty of people here to help you. The only problem i can possibly see is that are the entries in english or Hebrew? As i doubt there are many people here who can read / understand hebrew (thanks for telling me ) who arn’t in Israel competitions.
Anyway, i’ll help however i can.

I’d be honored to help out in any way I can; just let me know what I need to do!!

I’d help out for a website award, though I’ll only be able to read it in english. Though then again a lot of a website is made up of the images and design. :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies

I’ve got at least four others willing to help judge and more to come I’m sure. Now I need to hear from the Isreali teams - please respond in this thread with Team number and links to your work - as soon as you have them - that way we’ll know you want us to judge the work.

If people in Israel speak Israeli…then us Americans speak American instead of english :wink: (They speak Hebrew)

I’d be willing to help as well.

Of course I’d be honored to see their hard work.

Alright -
Three-four judges per event should work fine with a max a 12 teams submitting for each award. We’ll use all FIRST 2005 rules.

Website Judges:
Jessica Boucher, DarkJedi, ???

Kressly, Koko Ed, ???


Cory, Katie, Denman - where would you like to be plugged in?
I also know a dynamite Inventor guy who could head up that judging (cough - PeteK - cough). How about it?

If we run into any language barriers I have several students who read and speak Hebrew. One is even going to attend college in Israel. We’ll overcome all obstacles for this effort

I’d like to do website :slight_smile:

I am willing to help.

… Thanks for bringing this up Mr. Kressly.

Rich, I don’t know anything about animation, other than what I think looks good or not. Same with website. I do know Inventor well, so I’d be happy to help with that.

i can judge animations

Katie’s in for website, Cory for Inventor, ebmonon animation. Arefin, where would you like to help? Denman?

Website Judges:
Jessica Boucher, DarkJedi, Katie Reynolds, (room for one more)

Kressly, Koko Ed, ebomonon, (room for one more)

Cory, ???

thanks, i was tired and not thinking properly

I’d like to present another angle to this:

I don’t see a single Israeli judge (that I know of that lives in Israel) on that list. I think you may want to find some offiicials, maybe unattached to team or some kind of other coordinator type figure, to help out with the judging, or just to sit in on what’s going on.

If the reason an Israel animation and website contest can’t be pulled together is judging and coordination difficulties, I would like to ask Israeli Chief Delphi users to nominate someone from their community that would be up to the task and could help arrange a judging contest in years to come.

While I have full confidence in the current list, I think training a regional judging team would make it easier for Israel to create off-season events with animation without having to coordinate overseas.

Good luck.

  • Genia

Rich put me down for Website and Animation.

I cant wait to see the output of these teams, i have always loved both the website and the animation competition, as it draws a whole other group into the FIRSt fray, and i’ve always been very inspired by both!

I’d be honored to look at the website and animations. Put me down :slight_smile:

I would be more than honoured to look at the animations and the websites. In case you need more judges i can have a little panel from team 1219 help you guys. Take the lead on this thing, and keep us posted, it will be a great way to show our support all the way around the globe. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s positive responses …
You guys rock!!!
It looks like the only help we still need is with Inventor submissions. I need two or three of you there yet. I’ll recompile the lists early Mon AM. :slight_smile:


Team 341 would be happy to judge Inventor entries!