To the chicks of RCU

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Other on team #65, Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 11/22/2000 7:27 AM MST

I sent this e-mail to our e-groups address. Since you may not recieve it, I am posting it here.

To all the devotees-
The Robot Chicks Union is becoming a powerful organization in the eyes of the students who know of it. However, to the students who are more team-oriented than FIRST-oriented, does it even exist? Ask yourself this question. I believe that we should take RCU to a higher level. I am proud when I announce to people that I belong to a females-only organization within the organization of FIRST. It is all part of my FIRST-a-holism, if you will. We are currently the biggest female movement within FIRST that is comprised of some of the best female representatives from FIRST’s member teams. Without an organization like RCU, some of the girls may not a feel a bond as close as this to their robotics team- and I am sure that if we disbanded in any way, another organization would shortly be formed by somebody who was not as dedicated as we and who is doing it more for personal recognition. ‘Robot Chicks Union’ may have to struggle as all women have struggled in the past, but eventually, we will arise and become a face in the crowd of the ‘groups-to-know’ within FIRST. We will be in the ranks with SME, Small Parts, etc. and we will have a booth of our own. Until then, each one of us needs to keep fighting the battle to make our FIRST community a more welcome place for girls who think that robotics and engineering is only ‘fun for the boys’. Peace, love, and gracious professionalism.

Erin, proud RCU member

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Student on team #237, Sie-H2O-Bots, from Watertown High School and Eastern Awning Systems & The Siemon Company.

Posted on 11/22/2000 8:30 AM MST

In Reply to: To the chicks of RCU posted by Erin on 11/22/2000 7:27 AM MST:

Geez, girl, whats your problem? Making me tear up in the middle of 2nd period. lol, j/k…that was beautiful, Erin, i hope all the other girls feel the same way.

-Jessica B, #237