To the PEs out there


To anyone with a PE license out there. Have you applied your hours from FRC to the PDH requirements before?

This is my first year having to renew my license (in MN) and it looks like I can apply 10 hrs. I almost have all I need so this would put me over the top.

I know every state is different and a lot of states won’t say explicitly what does/doesn’t count. It does seem that FRC meets the requirements in some states though.

I think it would be helpful to others (and me) if people can say what state they submitted to and how many credits.


DE license. DAPE gives credit for speaking and presenting at conferences. I do so many other activities through work that I’ve never needed to find hours to meet DAPE requirements but it would be interesting to see what they say.

Also following this to see what other states say.


It is really up to your state board as to what they accept. Personally I don’t see mentoring hours as counting to what is really continuing education. This is really a question for your state board and not random internet responses. Granted the internet responses will be more interesting.


Washington State doesn’t require any continuing education for P.E.s. I just received my two year renewal earlier this month.

I came across this website that lists the requirements by state.


In MN it’s not continuing education. It’s professional development hours. Education does count towards it, but so does engineering experience outside of work such as volunteer project that utilizes engineering or teaching.


I don’t know the official answer but I would think that some FIRST Mentoring activities would be fine and others… …maybe not in the spirit of the rule.

So for example.

  • A judge at a FIRST event?
  • Putting on a seminar at a kickoff event?
  • A demo of the Da Vinci robot at your local hospital?

I’d put them all in the first group.

On the other hand:

  • A 12 hour bus ride with a few dozen teens to Detroit Half Worlds?
  • Tracking down signed permission slips for same trip?

You are a saint and perhaps get tons of karma for it but I am not so sure that is what the PE board had in mind.

Just my 2 cents.

Dr. Joe J.