To Those who Attended the Granite State Regional

Hello everyone. As much as I’d like to talk about how great the competition was this weekend, I’ll leave that to others who are far more skilled in describing how great it really was. The purpose of this post is because I had my backpack taken during the competition. I’m thinking that someone accidently (at least I hope so) took it by mistake during the course of the competition. It was in the stands behind team 229’s pit area.

It is a dark blue backpack. Inside of which is a textbook (Calculus, 4th Edition, by James Stewart) and two 3-subject notebooks, the first page of one referring to ‘calc 3’ and the other referring to ‘Linear Algebra.’
If anyone has accidently picked this up, please contact me as soon as possible. If possible, ask other members of your team as well. I already filled out a lost and found form at the competition with FIRST volunteers but it is really important that I get the contents of this bag back. Thank you.

[email protected]
Aim: Rurouni12065

I think we were sitting right above 229. I’ll definately check it out and see if theres an extra bag in someone’s car.

Take care

Hm, we were right next to 229 in the pits. Friday when my team moved up to section 204 to watch the team social I think I remember seeing a blue backpack in our area when we were leaving. Maybe one of my team members moved it thinking it belonged to one of us.

I’ll double check to make sure none of my team has your bag.

Hope you find it.

Any chance you left it in the stands near the rest of the team in section 103? We were sitting above you folks on Friday and Saturday. I will check with my team. Good luck!


Hi…I picked it up at Verizon today for you. Let me know where you want it shipped (check your email).
Dave Kelso