To turret or not to turret?

If you are planning on shooting on the high port, are you planning on using a turret?

Currently, a turret is one of the stretch goals on my team. I’m curious how many people are planning on building a turret.

  • Turret
  • No Turret

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Against my better judgement team wants to do a turret. We’ll see how it goes…

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wdym the poll has 50 voters and 53 votes how does that work out if you can only vote once

Inspiration from team 2363:

Still trying to figure out how exactly it’s going to work on our bot, but seems promising?


We got our inspiration from the exact same video! It definitely calmed my fear of “how am I going to design this???” and made it look much more within reach. Good luck!

P.S. unfortunately you can vote for both choices. I tried to change it but it was after the 5 minute deadline so by then it was too late.

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This poll is definitely surprising.


Yeah I was expecting more like 75/25 no turret/turret but this is far from that. Much closer to 50/50.

Bias from CD?


Good luck! Good thing is build season is much longer so we have more time this year. If you get to competition and the turret doesn’t work for any reason, whether mechanical or programming problems etc, you can just lock it in place and not have to worry about it. At least that is my team’s plan at the moment.

We are making a attempt.


50/50, Even with CD bias, is surprising.

The first thing one of our non-engineer mentors said was “turret!”. the first thing I did was talk to our programming team about tracking the target using the robot drive, only.

We’ll see what happens. btdt on turrets, though.

What I am taking from all these polls is that “everyone” is building a short robot with a turret that is probably also built on a swerve drive. Seems reasonable. :grinning:


No swerve am-14 u4 all the way.


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