To use or Not to use sensors?

is it a good idea or not

I would say yes. It is the only way to have an autonomous routine. It may take some time to get the code right, but no control system exists without sensors.

Your robot controller can do three things:

  1. Gather data about the outside world
  2. Make decisions about what to do with that data
  3. Influence the outside world by moving motors, lighting lights, etc.

Without sensors, you’re missing out on #1 and at a disadvantage for #2.

For more information, I am willing to bet that your main sponsor (Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors) probably could elaborate on why sensors are useful :smiley:

That, and you can use the accelerometer for traction control during the whole match.

mostly in the end, not using sensors is limiting your robot and giving yourself a disadvantage. you need sensors in order to have a decent robot.

Incorrect. Dead reckoning can be used for Autonomous control. having no sensors just means that the robot cannot react to anything happening in the outside world.

A very bold statement. I know of robots that have won regionals without sensors. Are you telling me that they were “not decent”?

I will say this to the OPs question: Add sensors only if it adds functionality to the robot and will assist the robot in performing its primary goals / strategy. Adding sensors just to have a “decent” robot is not going to help you.

The short answer is yes. Sensors are an important part of any real-world robotics project, and it’s great to be exposed to them early. Most of the robots that work really well will use sensors, as will most of the robots that win technical awards.
The longer answer is maybe. The added challenge of designing, wiring and programming your sensors may outweigh the potential benefits, especially if your team doesn’t feel comfortable with one of those areas.
Of course you do have the whole world of FIRST literally at your fingertips with ChiefDelphi.
PM me or just post below if you have specific questions about sensors, we’d love to help!

What Dan said^^. And, the offer of help is real: Just ask.

Dead Reckoning is a method that can be employed, but will it will prove to be an unwise method for this years competition.

I hate to be critical, but we must remember that joysticks are sensors as well.

With a roughly 20% bonus in traction for not slipping the wheels, the most valuable sensor that you can put on your robot is an accelerometer. It needs to be set up so that the quantization error in the measurement is smaller than the optimization in acceleration that you want to measure.

Sensors are a great thing to have. Team 1323 has never used sensors and we have done great at comps. But this is a brand new year and we are going all out. We are using sensors on every motor not just because itz cool but we want to get motor feedback. Our bot would not be possible without the CNC and sensors. Building a bot that is fully autonomous is the goal. A piece of advice is get in contact with successful teams or DAN from above. Getting help through an expert helps. Also sensors help the “BOT from killing itself.” Limit switches and so on. Also sensors make it so that you don’t need a whole lot of “DRIVER FINESSE” to score orbit balls and make it all auto with a manual override just incase your turre… doesn’t work.

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