To what extent should teams be working on the robots?

So with the recent news that Infinite Recharge will be replayed , but with some changes on the game, how much should be worked on the robot?

Start with, we don’t know what will be allowed.

I would start with repairs and finishing the robot, AFTER teams are allowed to start meeting again, then look at iterations.


Right now? Probably none. Stay home and stay safe.


Right now, probably none - most places are locked down, and even for those that are starting to open back up, schools are lagging behind everything else.

Between now and January? Go for it… but be aware that whatever changes you make may be invalidated at kickoff. Imagine spending a bunch of time on a shooter optimized for the 2020 balls, only to find out they’re switching balls to something more durable, possibly even with a different diameter. Or spending a lot of time on a climbing traversal system, only to find the climbing bar was changed in a way that makes your system unable to work.

Replaying the game is awesome, and I hope that any changes that are made will let robots as they are currently designed continue to work for the game… but I also expect teams that make changes after kickoff will be able to better optimize their performance.


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