To win Chairman’s you must have gone to another country

Our team is young, only 4 years old this year, but we have been seeing a distinct trend in chairman’s winners, at least at the regionals we’ve been to. At the two regionals we were at this year (NYTR and NYSU) both teams who won have gone to other countries or have been from a different country. 3044 (OxBe4, NYTR winner) went to Afghanistan to bring robotics kits to kids there, and 1156 (Under Control, NYSU winners) is from Brazil and brought 4 FRC teams to their area.
Does anyone know of any teams that have been young (4-6 years) that have won chairman’s? If so,
What did they win it for?
Do you need to go to another country to get it?
What’s the most common reason teams who get it, get it?
Do judges see a team’s passion and drive to do what they can with the resources they have, even if they can’t bring FIRST globally?


6413 Degrees of Freedom is a 3rd year team, and won Chairman’s at AZ North by doing (really neat) local things.


4980 and 4125 disprove the titles claim.


6328 won Chairman’s as a second year team last year, primarily (to my understanding) for an incredibly effective system of local FLL teams accompanied by other local outreach.


Both of the teams that won our district events (1629 and 4541) didn’t have international programs, I believe.

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My team, 5847, won chairman’s this week by building FIRST within our county, which had very limited opportunities within FIRST four years ago. You don’t need to go to another country, but there’s really no secret sauce either. Try to find ways to be original, and really separate yourselves from the crowd. In addition, try to grow FIRST by building new connections, and starting new teams.


Naw that’s not true. 4607 has won 4 in a row and we haven’t done any international outreach.

Here is 4607’s submission from this year. Here are other winning submissions from 2019. Plenty of teams have won CA without international outreach! The key is making an impact with the outreach that you do commit to.


This thread Chairman's Award -- is the bar too high now? comes to mind.


For the past few years I’ve been under the impression that to win Chairman’s you need to start 500 FLL teams and go to China.


This is true in a certain way… But you just described a team (1156) that won working in their local community and competing outside their country ( since is no regional in Brazil these days)
But look this way… In my point of view a team that manage to keep FRC running in a country like Brasil ,Indonesia, south africa and others should win chairman’s by default already considering all the challenges they already have, so I will say that you don’t need to go to another country to win but if you compete against teams that managed to do it they will have an advantage (because of the challenges involved) the most important thing is you shouldn’t travel to create a team overseas because of chairman’s you should do it because there are people there needing less of the daily crap you see on the news and more of programs like FRC


They talked about crossing borders at GKC in the Team Rocket RCA award. But they just meant from Oklahoma to Kansas :rofl::rofl:

Seriously though, it is hard to be a team that is not well suited to international STEM diplomacy from a resources and location standpoint. Same goes with outreach that is mostly just spending money on something (without a clear way that they’ve funded through bringing in business partners, etc.). It has been clear for a while now, that you have to reach pretty far to be considered for CCA, which comes to the regional level too. It isn’t hopeless with plenty of creative ways that you can make that reach, through digital partnerships for example. Personally however, I think that you should work inside out and be the biggest change in your own community and region. I think if you can do that you’ve earned your RCA, without touching outside groups. But maybe I’m a bit naive about this.

I think still about the SPAM presentation at Huntsville a couple year ago that talked about just doing what you can do, and not worrying so much about what the nearby well-resourced team was doing.

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Correction: To win Chairman’s, you have to do something sustainable and something impactful.

Some teams manage to do something crazy sustainable and impactful overseas, and some manage to do that within US borders.

I used to believe that too back in 2016, then 3309 received the Chairman’s Award twice without any international outreach for two years in a row. Only in the past two years have we included something involving international outreach.


We won it at a district last year and we’ve barely done anything outside our county. As itsjustjon said,

The Chairman’s winner at CIR this year won entirely for growing FIRST within their local community. You can win without foreign outreach, but you need a concentrated and dedicated effort into growing FIRST.

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One thing to munch on. Your description of teams doing international outreach might not be because of a surplus of resources; it might be because of a lack of resources. Let me explain.

Imagine that you’re in Michigan. Because of the high density of teams, it stands to reason that starting several local teams is going to require substantially more effort than starting international teams because the low-hanging fruit has already been picked.

Compare that to somewhere like Utah, where 6844 one of two teams in the county (note that there are at least 12 public high schools in our county, with several alternative schools too). I don’t expect that we will engage in international outreach in the foreseeable future because the ground here is very fertile.


5811(4th year) won at GPR this year with no international outreach. They work throughout the community and have been blessed with lots of opportunities to spread electronically through some great business efforts. Like Brennon said, it is pretty dependent on your situation.
Also important is to remember why you are doing things, IMO it shouldn’t ever be for chairman’s

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we will never win Chairman’s because we don’t start teams in Ghana or some such thing like that

  • A senior on my team my freshman year, that year we won our first Regional Chairman’s Award

10 years later I spent the entire day Saturday at Championship avoiding them because I knew some news they wouldn’t find out until later that afternoon…


Yeah this thread’s gonna become pointing out examples of teams receiving a CA without international outreach.

If you’re looking for ideas, I’d recommend going to the Chairman’s Award Resources and reading through your favorite teams’ essays and presentations from the past four years.

After all, steal from the best and invent the rest :wink:


Not a new team by any means, but we’ve won 2 chairman’s awards in 2 years without traveling out of the country for outreach.

In terms of local outreach, how extensive is it, usually? Do you have to have started 100 FLL teams and 60 FTC teams (Exaggeration, you get the idea)? Or is there a possibility of getting the award with only have started a couple of each, but having the drive and passion to continue to grow and do more?