Toast API Version 2.0.0

Welcome to Toast, an open-source, cross platform Robotics Framework running atop WPILib, designed for FRC.

Toast is a modular Robot Code Platform running WPILib as a backend. Teams can design their robot code in modules, allowing them to split their code up easily, as well as contribute to the larger FRC Community by sharing their modules with the world.

Toast keeps things familiar but powerful. A non-abstracted WPILib provides much the same experience as a regular robot program, but with added benefits provided by Toast, and the power for more advanced programmers to take control, while still opening the doors for newer programmers.

Toast is cross-platform and features an inbuilt simulator without you changing your code. The simulation environment can simulate motor controllers, PWM, DIO, CAN Talon SRX’s, Power Distribution, Relays and Pneumatics. Additionally, the simulator now works with the official FRC Driver Station!

More information on the Toast Project can be found on the Github Repository

What’s new in 2.0.0
TL;DR: Almost everything.

  • Threading and Async have been improved to allow for background task execution
  • FRC Driver Station support has been added for Simulated Environments via Bonjour
  • Simulation now supports CAN Talon SRX’s and Pneumatics, as well as relays
  • JavaScript has been included as a supported language thanks to the Nashorn engine included in Java 8
  • Crash Handling and logging have gained new functionality
  • Configuration Files are now stored in JSON format
  • Security Manager will now warn you if you’re using a network port on the main thread, or if it’s going to be blocked by FMS
  • Butterknife has been merged into the GradleRIO distribution for Toast
  • USB Mass Storage has been improved for Module support
  • Branch dependency models have been improved for non-module classes
  • Non-module libraries can now be loaded without undergoing candidacy
  • Profiler provides insight into how long modules (and Toast) takes to load, allowing for easy hunting of bugs.
  • Most loading backend has been improved for concurrency and efficiency
  • Logging output is now pretty and colourful!

And a ton more stuff