Toe meets Leather. College Football Week 1 discussion/recap

What an amazing first week of games! I was at the stadium for the Georgia Tech vs Elon game (in which we set the record for the ACC’s highest margine of victory at 70-0). I saw Alabama vs Virginia Tech on TV (being played in the Georgia Dome). That was also an excellent game in which 2 defenses were really putting some pressure on eachother. I’m also particularly pleased about #8 Clemson defeating #5 Georgia, though I don’t look forward to seeing GT vs Clemson as much now.

Any other notable games that anyone watched or found interesting?

I am pleased to see FCS teams starting to take down FBS teams who arrogantly believed that they were getting an easy win handed to them and instead got their butts handed to them. Also the FBS teams got a big payday to go along with it.
Good for them!

I figured from the title this was more spam…

I guess Georgia Tech vs Cumberland was pre-ACC.


I guess the title was a bit odd I suppose.

Also I believe that game was pre acc, as it took place in 1916.

A lot of the big name teams seemed to have a little trouble dealing with unranked teams. Boise State vs Washington, Nebraska vs Wyoming, and East Washinton vs Oregon State come to mind.
Also, I still can’t get over how effective the VT defense was against Alabama. If VT had a passing game, the score would’ve been much closer.

sorry 'bout that.

Gonna be a long year for Boilermaker fans :frowning: