ToF Sensor Recommendations

Any Recommendations for ToF sensors that will be able to go roughly around 10 meters for the game of INFINITE RECHARGE

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Do you want specifically a ToF or are you open to using other sensors? :woozy_face:

Any type of sensor works like it could be ultra sonic :grinning:

If you have not used the ultrasonic sensors in the past, you may be disappointed depending on the application.

This is an ultrasonic sensor with a range of about 21 feet. According to the website it has high noise tolerance. Maybe it will be good?

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The application is to measure the distance between the robot and the power generator on the INFINITE RECHARGE field because it is going to be used for turret trajectory calculation, but disappointed at what exactly?

I’ve not had a ton of luck with those - even though they say “narrowest beam width”, the detection circle is still quite big over a long distance.

Also, for better or worse, 21 ft doesn’t meet the 10m requirement.

A 1d lidar may be better suited to the application (see here for an example), though even these can be fooled by shiny surfaces (like aluminum plate or polycarb)

Good point. I think the lidar is the way to go, especially since the sensor is being used as part of the energy cell launch trajectory calculations. The measurement should be as accurate as possible, making lidar a much better option than ultrasonic.

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Ultrasonic sensors have a fairly slow update rate. If your robot is moving, the sensor will reflect where you were, not where you are.

If you are not moving, that is less of a problem, but ultrasonic sensors also tend to be noisy.

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Is there any specific lidar that you would recommend that works well for the season of INFINITE RECHARGE? I was thinking about using Garmin LIDAR-Lite v4 LED - Distance Measurement Sensor ( but was unsure if that is the best choice.

We have gotten good results with the garman lidar. We used pwm input to the rio because the Garmin doesn’t seem to play well with the I2C.


Okay, thanks, we may just use the garman lidar then

Can confirm. We had something I2C working in 2015, but never again got it to function nicely.

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Seriously, yes. They are slower, less accurate, and prone to interference as well.

AFAIK the v4 would be illegal out-of-box because the ANT wireless network is default. So I would recommend the v3. I don’t think it is some simple switch to disable, I think it involves writing a custom code to the SoC, which is a bit more than I’d like to tackle.