Toggle switch with pneumatic

does anyone know how to program a toggle switch?

we want to use it as an on/off switch
for up / down with our casters

(we want to toggle the state of our relay by pressing a 1 button)

i tried the code for the toggle and was unsucessful

if anyone has any code, please post and say where the lines go

or if anyone knows where i can find some good code, please let me know

I am trying to remember this on top of my head so here it goes:

Get a toggle switch. Wire Pin 1 of the DB-15 cable to one pin on the toggle switch. Connect the other pin to 10 on the DB-15 connecter. This should work for pX_sw_aux1 (or aux2: not sure) . X is the port number. I would suggest use port 3 or 4, its on the other side of the OI and mostly easier to layout your OI.

With this all you have to do is


So when the button is in on position the solenoid is active and in off its not. (this will work for a single solenoid)

you can put the code in user_routines.c under where other relays have values assigned. I dont remember the exact line number.

Any questions are welcomed

yes that will work, but that only goes one direction. Might you alsos want another line relayX_rev=!pX_sw_aux1;? That way itll go both directions