Tomorrow land

Is it just me or does the movie Tomorrow land seem an awful lot like FIRST ??!!

I was referring to the ending in particular where he says look for the dreamers

Yes. Yes it is FIRST.

It’s a movie made by dreamers for dreamers, and I absolutely love it, plot holes and all.

“Have you ever wondered what would happen, if all the geniuses, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world decided to actually change it? Where, where could they even do such a thing? They’d need a place free from politics and bureaucracy, distractions, greed - a secret place where they could build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine…”

Athena: Did you make this yourself?
Young Frank Walker: Yeah?
Athena: Why?
Young Frank Walker: I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it for me?

I just watched the movie for the first time this past weekend and at the same time had the steam from Dartmouth going.