Tonight! AM in the PM: Customer Service AMA

Set a reminder - AM in the PM Episode 5 will be live tonight at 6pm EST on!

Get to know the three people you’re most likely to talk to when you call in - Mary Baker, Becca Hayes, and Liz “Cat” Smith. They’ll be sharing some tricks and tips to optimize your ordering process, and why we love getting comments on our products and in order notes from you. Rumor has it that Liz is going to dish on how you make it onto her favorite customer list, just like Marshall from 900!

Plus, we’ll talk about a BIG update to one of our flagship FRC products, and how YOUR feedback helped make that happen.

I’ll be in the chat taking your questions throughout the show for Mary, Becca, and Liz to answer live. We’re also giving away one of our new rocket shirts on the show! Tune in from the start for a better chance to win.

And we’re live. Tune in for a chance to win a Space shirt!