Tool crate shipping and logistics

Our team is loading up our main robot crate, and we realize that it will be too heavy with all of our tools and storage organizers. Does anyone have information on shipping a second tool crate? I am really confused, as the first documents are vague about how we go about it. It would seem like we need to pay for shipping and drayage, but I am not sure how to do that. Help would be appreciated. Especially helpful would be how much it costs on average from Northern California, if any teams have that information.

It’s going to be ridiculously expensive.

I cannot find a published cost per pound for Shepard to handle (move from drayage site to expo floor) a tool crate in FIRST’s documentation. In the past it has been $55/100 lbs in FIRST’s documentation, but Shepard has tried charging us $100/100 lbs. After 3 years of Shepard arguing with us and ultimately refunding the difference since FIRST had published $55, I am pretty sure they have figured it out, didn’t publish the wrong number, and it is $100/100 lbs.

That would have worked out to over $2,000 for us each year (we bring a lot of stuff). Keep in mind that is JUST to move the crate 5 miles from the drayage site to the venue. That doesn’t include the cost to ship it from CA to the drayage site and back.

For reference last year Shepard quoted us $2800 each way for ground shipping on a 2000 lb crate, plus $1100 in handling fees (likely $2,000 this year). Had we used them and not our own carrier, the total cost would have been almost $6,000.

Thanks for the info. The tool crate is probably going to weigh about 400lbs. Do you know how we go about purchasing the drayage? Is it through FIRST, or something else?

Also, how is the shipping handled? Can we do it through FIRST or any carrier we want? How much might it cost to ship said 400lbs crate both ways? What carriers do you recommend? Feel free to PM me if that is easier.

Also, does anybody know how much FedEx bills if your crate is overweight? That’s another alternative if this doesn’t work out.

Any reason you can’t just put your tools and other smaller parts into suitcases? You just need to make sure that your cordless tool batteries go into your hand luggage.

I really think that if your tool crate is weighing 400lbs that your bringing way more tools then you need, or more than other teams will likely need. Try to really analyse what tools you actually need to fix failure modes on your robot. Chances are if you not using any 3/4inch nuts that you won’t need a 3/4inch spanner etc.

400lbs goes by pretty quick when you look around the average pit. Tool carts and shelving can easily top out 400lbs when you factor in the weight of a crate.

Some teams just buy things local at CMP and leave them for other teams to take home because it is cheaper.

We originally considered shipping a <400 lb robot crate via FedEx donation and a separate tool crate. The tool crate would have weighed over 300 lb and shipping cost from California (without drayage and handling charges) would have been ~$300 each way.

According to the attached FIRST shipping document, the incremental cost for shipping an overweight crate this year is $82/100 lb (or fraction thereof).

We decided to send a single, heavy crate weighing over 700 lb and probably are saving a little money. Better yet, we’re only dealing with one crate and associated handling and paperwork.

2016 Championship - Shipping and Drayage Information.pdf (628 KB)

2016 Championship - Shipping and Drayage Information.pdf (628 KB)