Tools and Supplies Transportation to Dome


This will be the first year the Xerox teams in Rochester are drivinging down our tools and supplies down to Atlanta. I haven’t found any info documented on how to proceed and if there are any restrictions of where to bring these into the pits. Can some of the teams who typically drive down let me know if there’s anything I should know about this?

If not should I assume that I can pull a trailer up anywhere and just unload and roll everything into the nearest entrance to the pits.

Any info is greatly appreciated!


You can bring anything you want into the pits. What most teams that drove up did was park in a convinient location, unload, and then leave. Look at a map of the competition building and find the entrance where teams enter. Then find the nearest street access. All tools are allowed in the pits, except for those that are not permitted as stated in the rule book (torches, welders, etc.) My suggestion is to unload your cargo early, before team registration actually takes place. Once teams have registered other teams will begin unloading, and it will be hard to get your own stuff out and into the competition building. Although our team did not drive down this is what all other teams that drove were allowed to do.
Have a great time at Nationals!

Check out the pit map:

There is a unloading drive (Northside Drive) where you can pull up, unload and bring everything into the pits. There is no parking on that drive, just loading and unloading. It worked out pretty well last year.

Ok, so load-in to the Georgia Dome is actually on the “Northside Drive” side of the World Congress Center which is the building that houses the pits.

But, has anyone ever had luck or ability to pre-ship anything to the Georgia Dome directly? There is a FedEx store inside the WCC, but not sure if or how they could receive a shipment?

We’ve shipped stuff to our hotel in the past, but a) their receiving dock is quite small, and b) it’s still a long haul to the Dome from the hotel.

I believe that you can not directly ship anything to the Dome.

Hi Ellery,

I believe the ONLY physical place to unload (even if you’ve got a semi) is out on Northside Drive. I do NOT believe there is any way to gain access to the GWCC loading docks (at the tunnel between the pits and the dome), although that would be very nice.

Also, I’ve been asking around as to whether the GWCC can receive shipped goods (or via the Kink’s FedEx store in the GWCC).

By the way, got room for the eight (8) ten-foot sections of electrical EMT pipe for my pit?

Just an FYI, venues usually do not accept shipments from teams:

NOTE: Georgia World Congress Center will not accept or store team robots or toolboxes.

That’s from the site info on the FIRST website.