ToothGear Sensor

We tried to work with the toothgear sensor, but it keeps sending us only the signal “1”…
We only wrote a “printf()” command for the toothgear value, and we tried to put it in both user_routines.c and user_routines_fast.c and still it’s either always “1” or when we unplug the sensor it sends “0” and after being near a metallic object, it turns to “1” and stays that way.

Can anyone help us?

Proggraming Team
Steampunk 1577

Is this the KOP geartooth sensor? Measure the voltage coming off the sensor output (white) and see if it is ~2.68 volts. If it is about that voltage, make sure you do the resistor modification as described in several threads on the subject (use search…I don’t know the threads offhand) and it should be fixed.