Top 10 Bridge mishaps of 2012

Hey fellow FRC team members; We on The Fighting Pi were just watching a couple of our match videos where we had a “bridge mishap” and we were wondering if anyone else had the misfortune of falling off of a bridge during competitions. We would like to challenge everyone else to see who had the worst bridge mishap of 2012.

  • must be a video of a robot falling off a bridge
  • must be your team’s robot
  • The video should be 5 megabytes or less in size

Email your Submissions to [email protected]
Submissions must include:

  • Team name and number
  • A video clip of your robot
  • Name of competition it happened at

Submissions are due on March 2nd,2013.

Our Media group will review the submissions and pick the top 10, Then the top 10 will be made into a top 10 video.

Buzzer Beater Balance (11 and 714 on the center bridge).

It was bad news lol:

Bent the axle for our shooter at the buckeye regional (we’re team 3266).

Starts at around 1:30
The title kind of gives it away

We are team 2583 this was at our off-season competition, Texas Robot Round-Up

no question Sf 1-2 for 180, 16, and 25 we lost by one we should have just doubled and moved on.

That was a really cool co-op balance at the end though.

857 Superior Roboworks

By some chance video exists of this: at the Traverse City district we are driving onto the coop bridge (held up by 3617 on the opposite side) and somehow to fall backwards. The video doesn’t look so impressive, but it bent 1/4" steel plate holding a motor meant to turn our turret (not that we ever used it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Video at TheBlueAlliance around 1:20

We tipped over in the same match that 148, 2936, and 922 performed the first triple balance ever. It wasn’t our most graceful match.

Anyone have that video of 75 breaking in half at MAR Championships?

This is probably the best and worst. The first (and only) triple balance at the Sacramento Regional as well as two robots on the blue alliance falling off the bridge (one even falling out of the field.)

I cant find the video but the attempted balance of 692 on top of our robot at Davis probably resulted in one of the highest falls for a robot.

I still to this day…do not know how we lost 4028 in this balance. But during semi’s we got better. :wink:

Funny video of us with 179 and 1557 in quarter finals with massive bridge failing.

Due to there not being enough video submissions I am being forced to extend the deadline to 03/10/13.

We have one- ill see if i can dig it up.

Darn fighting calculators backed off the bridge while coopertition balancing and flipped us in duluth.


At about 2:30.

Didn’t do any major damage though.

Just a friendly reminder that the cut off date for anymore suggestions or submissions is this Sunday!

Today is the last day to submit a video!

Not my own team, but 207 caught some air in Curie SFs. One of the greatest bridge moments I witnessed.

For me it would be when my team did wheelie on the Co-Op bridge and got the buzzer balance at around 0:25