Top 10 List 2016

Was there a top ten list at champs this year?

Yeah. Here it is!


Nevermind. The link just sent me to a Rick Astley song.

Me too. Anyone else having this issue?

Nah. Worked for me.

Did you try setting it to wumbo?

I thought #3 was the best. So true!


here you go

here ya go

I still can not get it. One link brings me the song, the other is the top 25 ranked teams. I am looking for a David Letterman style top ten list that they have done in previous years. Perhaps if someone has it they can cut and paste it.

No, OP was referring to the long tradition of listing a top 10 things (about something FIRST-related, varies each year), somewhat like David Letterman did on the Tonite Show. It is to be funny.

Are you talking about robots, or the list that has some crazy subject? if its the latter i think i know what you are talking about and can probably find it.

Here was the list for 2014:

Seriously disappointed Team 1254: The Chez Cakes didn’t make this Top 10 list for Champs :frowning:

The way those mentors designed and built that robot is just amazing

These lists are in my Top 10 (probably Top 3) reasons I love the championship. I am extremely disappointed in how hard they are to find after the event. My dad and I had a frantic race to get our camera phones ready.

Top ten indicators FIRST Stronghold has a strong hold on you:

  1. Strategy development ground to a halt when a lengthy heated debate erupted over the boulder carrying capacity of African american swallows versus European swallows.
  2. You are a young woman on a FIRST team. Cool! Not quite as cool, you invited Frank Merrick to the championship robo prom. <Picture of Frank pointing to his wedding ring>
  3. You were once a 97 pound weaking but are now ready to arm wrestle Arnold Schwarzenegger because you survived a weekend on the field reset crew.
  4. In your home, you constructed a drawbridge and a portcullis at the door leading to your bedroom so your parents can not see the mess inside.
  5. You have lobbied the Game Design Committee to enact a scoring update. “A team shall receive 15 points in autonomous or 10 points in teleop of upon ramming your robot in to the rockwall, your bumpers eject like an air force fighter pilot and score in the high goal”
  6. You have dug deep into the motion picture archives and now understand why Blair is so comfortable in his medieval tunic. He is the real Michael Palin! <Black and white picture of the cast of some movie with one of the actors highlighted[1]>
  7. On a history exam, you scored poorly. Apparently in the middle ages to capture a castle, you did not have to first extinguish all perimeter LED lighting.
  8. You have concluded that the best career choice for the human player in the spybox may not be as an engineer, but as a New York City traffic cop.
  9. You confused the judges when your Chairman’s Award presentation consisted solely of acting out the Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade scene.
  10. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Clintons and Trumps and Sanders, oh my! You’ve started the US Presidential campaign for the pair we can all agree upon … <Political poster for the Kamen Flowers ticket>

Very blurry pictures available upon request.

[1]I’m not a big movie person, okay.

Thanks, rtfgnow! This is what I was looking for and I am not disappointed.

I managed to find it in my recording of the Einstein stream. They played the Top 10 between finals match 1 and 2 during Einstein. You can watch it at the the link below:

2016 FRC Top 10.mp4

Thanks, Adam!