Top 10 list: Payload Specialist penalties

Here’s my unoffical follow-up to the Payload Specialist Penalties thread.
You may want to take it with you to competition, and hand it out to teams that haven’t trained their PS’s yet.

Philbot’s Top 10 list:

Top 10 ways for a Payload Specialist to get penalties, and lose the match.

  1. Touching the robot control-panel at any time during the match.

  2. Not being buckled-up in the Outpost seat.

  3. Leaving their refueling station rectangle during the match.

  4. Breaking the plane of the playing field with any part of their body.

  5. Reaching beyond the airlock with the tongs.

  6. Touching the robot at any time during the game.

  7. Picking up a moon rock before the start of autonomous.

  8. Throwing an empty cell over the Outpost Station wall.

  9. Picking up any rock/cell in the refueling station without using the tongs.

  10. Touching a super-cell IN ANY WAY prior to the 20-second warning.

PLEASE any payload specialists: READ THIS AND MEMORIZE IT!!!
We lost several matches at Traverse City this year because people toss the empty cells or reach in to the field. Really frustrating. READ THIS.

Heh, forget penalties. A good way for your Payload Specialist to lose the match for you without getting technical penalties is for him/her to

5.) Only pay attention to scoring moonrocks in trailers
4.) Not be ready with an Empty Cell when an allied robot shows up
3.) Not listen to the alliance partners about where Empty Cells should go on their respective robots
2.) Take unnecessary long Hail Mary shots
1.) Refuse to toss a couple of moonrocks in a hopper as an allied robot drives by

Good Point. haha

At the Traverse City district event, there were no penalties on HP’s stepping outside their designated “box”. Either the refs didn’t know about this or since there are only 3 refs on the field that they can’t watch everything that needs to be watching. I’m HOPING that it is the latter of the two as my biggest gripe about refs is that they KNOW the rules better than they know themselves. I don’t like to bad mouth refs as being a ref is very hard to do, but you have to know the rules.

i lost our last qualifing match by missing two super cells. the trailer was touching my airlock but we lost by six points. that cost us our undefeated record. but we held on to our first place rank and went on to win the okc regional. go watch match 61. i’m the one in the upside down green hat. yeah i know. i screwed up. but i drained almost all my super cells in the elimination rounds. we only lost one match in the elimination round. Team 1742. Shockwave